6 Top Tips to Naturally Younger Looking Skin. No. 3 is a Must-Do!

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6 Top Tips to Naturally Younger Looking Skin. No. 3 is a Must-Do!

How not to look your age?

Easier said than done. True. But definitely doable and attainable with a little bit of effort, patience and consistency.

Many researches by skin experts and scientists are consistent on many points and in identifying elements that could be harmful or beneficial to skin. Some of the most common culprits are sun exposure, smoking, insufficient hydration, bad diet, low quality and chemical-rich skin products and bad habits. On the other hand, some of the most common good “stuff” for the skin are sun protection, healthy lifestyle (non-smoking and minimal alcohol consumption), good habits, sufficient hydration and moisturization, skin cleansing, and use of quality natural products that are very low or have no artificial / chemical contents.


A recent study in Japan (10 Year Longitudinal Japanese Study Tracking Facial Skin Aging For Wrinkles, Pigmented Spots, Radiance and Firmness), where a group of people were tracked and monitored over a course of 11 years, concluded that keeping skin hydrated spells the difference in successful aging. Successful aging is qualified as having maintained elastic, less wrinkled and young looking skin well into mature age. Effectively resulting in somebody looking younger than their true age.

In reality, keeping the skin as supple and smooth as long as possible, is highly influenced by genetics, environment/nature, individual habits and lifestyle. Missing any one of these factors would reduce the overall effect on your skin, but the presence of one factor is better than nothing at all. It may take a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain natural skin care habits, but the nature and environment you live in may not be as easy to control. However, the presence of effort, patience and willingness to invest in quality products, would be good skin protection measures to keep

Tip #1: Protect your skin from the sun. Vampires Look Forever Young for a Reason.

Not to say that sun is such a bad news to skin, because it is not. In fact, it gives our planet far too much than you can ever imagine. But just like most things, it has to be enjoyed in moderation. Because sunlight brings forth, not just awesome enjoyment, but intense Ultraviolet (UV) rays, as well, so sun-loving people should be conscious of the bad things it can cause. Exposure to UV rays increases risk of skin cancer (not exactly news). Surprisingly, despite of many worldwide awareness campaigns, many people are not as “sun aware” as they should be, causing sun damaged skin that gets worse as they approach mature years. Many people are still not aware that sun exposure is the quickest and most effective way to induce skin aging (or, maybe they are aware but they just don’t care *wink*). This is especially true for fair-skinned people, like Caucasians, who have less melanin production. Melanin is produced by the body to protect skin from sun damage. Melanin blocks the sun’s UV rays which causes sunburn and skin cancer.

In the survey conducted by British Association of Dermatologists, many Britons are not aware that sun protection is their best bet at keeping their skin healthy and young looking. Most believe that a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, moisturization and facial massages would be enough. In addition to risk of skin cancer, UV rays affect the elastin of the skin, which lead to formation of wrinkles, leathery skin texture and blotchy pigmentation. All of which give the skin an old and leathery overall look.

If you cannot stay away from the sun (and why would you, right? Why be a hermit?!), at least protect your skin. Hence, to keep your skin feeling and looking young and supple, protect your skin by doing the following:

– Avoid the sun during high intensity hours: the sun’s rays do the most damage between 10 am and 4 pm.

– Wear protective clothing: wear long sleeved shirts, long trousers or pants and a hat with a wide brim. Remember that tight woven fabric (e.g. denim) offers better protection than loosely woven fabrics like knits.

– Use sunscreen: go for a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) higher than 15 and apply generously about 20 minutes before you go out and then every two hours. You will need to apply more frequently if you go in the water or sweat a lot.

Tip #2: No Smoking and No (or Less) Alcohol is Excellent Anti-Aging

Various research found that cigarette smoking is significantly linked to skin aging, and the heavier the smoking, the worse it gets. Collagen is a protein that helps skin strength and elasticity. As you age, collagen protein degrades and lessen in production. Smoking speeds up this aging effect, by causing the blood vessels in the skin to tighten, reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are absorbed by the skin cells. This effectively reduces skin elasticity and accelerates aging. Smoking also breaks down the production of collagen which results in reducing the skin’s natural elasticity.


Did you ever consider the heat and smoke from cigarette wafting straight to a smoker’s face? Did you know that this seemingly benign action causes damage to facial skin? Also, that repetitive facial expressions that smokers make, like pursing the lips on inhaling and exhaling smoke, and squinting of the eyes to keep smoke out. These facial actions, by virtue of their repetitive nature, contribute to the formation of wrinkles, and the heat damages facial skin surface.

Meanwhile, drinking alcohol may not seem as evil and dangerous compared to cigarette smoking. However, it does present its own negative effect on skin. Alcohol can make your body and skin dehydrated, leaving it old, dry and tired. Imagine what over consumption could do to your skin. But unlike cigarettes, common sense tells us that alcohol may still be enjoyed without ruining your skin. It just has to be done in moderation. There are also a few helpful ways to mitigate the dehydrating effects of alcohol by drinking plenty of water and non-alcoholic drinks in between the alcoholic ones to help your body re-hydrate.

So you see, staying away from these stink producing vices not only saves you from a smelly existence, but also effectively gives you a better chance to looking younger for a longer time.

Tip #3: Cleanse and Hydrate. Ho-hum but Awesome!

Most women love wearing make-up and may even view it as a necessity, and men, for some reason or another, may wear make-up as well. Make-up may make you look good when you put it on, but it could spell skin disaster when not properly cleansed off from your skin. Men and women are exposed to accumulation of differing amount of dirt and oil on their faces. Surprisingly, inspite knowing how make-up and dirt can clog pores and cause pimples and other blemishes, many people who wear make-up still end up sleeping without cleansing it off of their faces. Their reasons for not doing so vary from exhaustion to intoxication : )

Cleansing is as important as hydrating or moisturizing because it removes dirt and bacteria. One cannot go without the other. In essence, how could you expect to gain optimum result for your skin if it is filled with pus from pimples or acne? Pumping your skin with moisture starts after it is thoroughly cleansed and primed to receive moisture and nutrients.

The best way to cleanse the skin is by using gentle and mild cleansing product. Ideally, natural and organic, to avoid synthetic irritants in the soap like perfumes, alcohol and parabens. Using harsh and chemical/synthetic filled cleansers will strip off much needed moisture that is naturally present in the skin. Natural or organic products, on the other hand, carry nutrients and minerals that may act as superfood for the skin. They maintain and promote retention of nutrients, and primes the skin to receive external hydration and moisturization. The brand of skin products is not the key, the things to watch out for are the ingredients and process used in making the products. The type of skin, whether oily or dry, should also be a consideration in the type of hydration or moisturization to be used.

Tip #4: Beauty Sleep

A person needs enough quality sleep each night to enable skin to rejuvenate, revive and produce healthy skin cells that will create plump skin. And enough means at least seven hours of deep sleep.

Not getting enough sleep is detrimental to your health which leads to dry, stressed and tired looking skin. Sleep deprivation is one of some sure-fire ways to look your age. Yes, you read it right. Looking your age. Honestly speaking, most people do not want to just look their age. Most people would like to look younger than their age. Don’t you? Of course, you do! If you were fifty years old, you would want to be mistaken for, at least, forty five years old. The younger looking the better! Lack of sleep is the complete opposite of anti-aging. It is an aging booster!

A good diet (with less caffeine intake), regular exercise, and a night time/bedtime routine would help establish a routine that is conducive to sleep. Make sure you have plenty of physical exercise as this reduces stress and creates a healthy kind of tiredness that helps promote sleep. Yoga and swimming are also good ways to improve sleep.

Tip #5: More Reasons to Smile

There is a reason why stress causes fine lines and wrinkles, it is because when you are stressed, you have more reasons to frown than to smile.

Many science or research articles say that frowning uses up more facial muscles than smiling, which effectively produces more fine lines when done repeatedly. Anger and stress make us frown which produce creases on the forehead, between eyebrows, around the mouth and jawline. Basically, muscles all over the face becomes so taut and pulled in, when we are angry or stressed. Repeated facial actions such as these could inevitably allow these temporary facial creases to become permanent. But more than the scientific reasoning behind it, a smile and any pleasant facial expression does, in itself, produces a physically welcoming countenance that give the impression of youth and vibrance. Whereas, a frown and any displeasing expression does produce a repelling reaction which gives the impression of old age.


Tip #6: Eat Healthy

We are what we eat and what we eat has a direct correlation to our health and well-being.  A well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables could easily translate to a healthy skin.  One of the healthiest food (and drink) comes from the coconut. Few can surpass its nutrient value, in fact, coconut oil it is the only food that exists which contains the same nutrient that is found in mother’s breast milk — Lauric Acid.  Coconut is also beneficial in improving digestion, aiding weight loss, beautifying skin and hair, and many more. While coconut is amazingly beneficial when applied topically, as part of natural skin care products, it is equally wonderful as food. You would be amazed at the diversity of uses that this wonder fruit could bring! And do not be fooled by its pure white ‘bland’ look’ because coconuts are packed with its unique and distinct flavor, in whatever shape or form it comes.  

health benefits of coconut

Infographics courtesy of

So, if you are still wondering if looking younger than your true age is difficult and impossible, then your pessimism and negativity would lead you to old age faster than you can imagine.

Becoming young-looking is definitely doable and attainable with a little bit of effort, patience and consistency, and, let’s be honest, investment. Yes, you read it right, investment. But not the thousand (or even hundred) dollar kind, but just a few dollars at a time kind of thing to spend on sensible and effective natural skincare products that would result in healthy and young-looking skin over time. The key words here are “over time” because nothing instant will last for a long time. It is just being realistic about having to spend a little bit to gain a lot more.


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