Tanning All Year Round: 7 Simple Steps to Healthy and Natural Golden Tan

TanningOh, the joys of summer! Sunshine and tanned skin all around. Sunshine seems to bring about a lighter mood in people, and it brings out people who gladly bare their skin hoping for a tan, or for the lucky ones, exposing their tan.

Can you help it? It is a good time to feel so sexy and free!

But should it only be in summer?

Should you look pale, all the rest of the year?

For most people, tanning involves lying under the sun slathered with tanning oil, lotion or sunscreen, and in most cases, “tan cramming.” Yes, this may be your first time to hear that phrase because it is just made up, in reference to people who try to get as much tan as they could, in short periods of time, like cramming for an exam (Isn’t it clever?!).

When the tan is achieved, it inevitably fade during the cooler, non-summer months, and throughout the remainder of the year. Only to cram the tanning process once again when summer-time comes, in the hope of enjoying a couple of months (if you’re lucky) sporting golden brown and glowing skin (if you are not sunburned). The thing is, why should we only aim for the golden tanned glow in summer, if we can tan safely throughout the year? Yes, there might be periods when we are too covered up for our skin to get kissed by the sun. But there are more days when the weather is pretty good. After all, except for very few countries which hardly get a decent sunlight, sun rises every day.


Tan naturally and safely. Maximize the sun.

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Like any normal person who has to go to work, or school, or run errands, chances are you go out and spend time in the sun every day, as part of your daily routine. Hence, no matter what you do, you would spend a fair amount of time in the sun, directly or indirectly. It gets a bit tricky though because going out in the sun would inevitably expose your skin to its negative effects. But in order to completely avoid the sun, there is only one thing to do – do not go out. In reality, can you (or would you want to) do this? I know I wouldn’t! It is glorious to be out in the sun! It is fun, it is life.

But you have to do it responsibly. Sensibly.


I am certain you can list down at least ten down sides to sun exposure in just a few seconds. That is how much aware you are (and that is a very good thing) of the detriments of excessive and irresponsible tanning. Two words should leap out of the page to you – excessive and irresponsible. Surprisingly, many people put short term gain over long-term negative effects. Excessive tanning involves spending too much time in the sun, unprotected. When you “tan cram” you needlessly jeopardize your skin and general health. And, you only have a tan during short periods of time. But when you include safe tanning in your daily regimen or routine, it becomes easy and effortless. Plus, you will have a beautiful, natural tan all year long.

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Gradual tanning is the closest to safe, healthy, natural, and produces the most beautiful tan. Applying a tanning accelerator  would speed up and maximize the tan that you will get from these short periods of tanning time. Where no tan will be achieved under ordinary short periods of exposure, tanning accelerators would help do the trick! It is crucially important to use a natural tanning accelerator . Just imagine putting on chemical-filled tanners everyday! That would be too risky and foolish, don’t you think?


Coconut oil tanning accelerators  are best because it has natural properties that acts on skin’s melanin, therefore speeding up the tanning process. Plus, it has natural SPF (approximately 4 to 8) that will protect your skin and immense moisturizing properties that will keep your skin supple and moist. This is the coconut oil’s wonder. Did I mention that it is natural? Yes, no chemicals to worry about seeping into your body! That is, if you stay with the natural products kind. Putting on coconut tanning accelerator on your skin before you head out the door, is just like putting on lotion or body cream as your daily routine.


1.    As a minimum, set an initial period where you can expect a result. Set at least 2 weeks to get used to and get into your regular safe tanning habit. Make sure that in the next two weeks, there will be no extra or out of the ordinary events that will veer you off course

2.    Scrub or exfoliate your skin by using a gentle scrub or natural skin scrub to get rid of dead skin cells that may cause clogging or uneven tanning of the skin.  Exfoliate at least twice a week, depending on your skin sensitivities. 

3.    Apply virgin or unrefined coconut tanning accelerator before going out. Coconut oil will boost and accelerate tanning process, plus protect your skin from sunburn. More importantly, it greatly reduces need to stay longer in the sun.

4.    Decide on the best time during daytime to do your outdoor daily exercise like jogging, walking, biking, etc., that is, if you have a day exercise routine. Avoid direct sunlight between 12nn – 2pm when sun is at its harshest.

5.    Do outdoor errands and routines, as usual. But with coconut tanning accelerator on your skin. This spells the magical difference in safe and sensible tanning. It is truly natural tanning. Imagine doing your routine chores while tanning, almost without any effort!

6.    Do not over expose skin. Track time to 20 minute sun exposure, ideal to get enough tan and vitamin D. Combine tanning accelerator with stronger natural sunscreen if you expect to have prolonged sun exposure.

7.    Keep hydrated. Drink water, as needed, when out in the sun. Keeping skin hydrated and moisturized reduce chances of sunburn.

Always be mindful about tanning sensibly and safely. In a matter of two weeks, you will have the start to have beautiful natural tan that you can very easily maintain the whole year round. This is because you effortlessly integrate safe tanning with daily, outdoor routine. A beautiful and natural tan year-round is possible, with a little bit of creativity and bit of help from nature’s products.

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