7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Face and Body to Reap the Benefits of Healthy & Beautiful Skin!

7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Face and Body to Reap the Benefits of Healthy & Beautiful Skin!

Benefits of coconut oil to your skin, as well as, general health and well-being is widely known. It has gained quite a number of believers and followers in recent years, and for many good and factual reasons. If you have not heard or read about the wonders of coconut oil, you were either not the least bit curious about skin care studies and health forums or articles, or you were simply quite content with your skin care product, and were not on the look-out for healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives. Many women and men are easily convinced by the benefits promoted in different skin care advertisements, and it is not surprising because millions of dollars are put into these advertisements by very popular cosmetics and skincare brands which have gigantic presence in the industry. Not meaning to put down these brands because they do have benefits, and may be true to their words about their benefits and contribution in skin care. However, the profusion of chemicals and synthetic ingredients in their skincare products are suspect, and may be dancing along the border of good and bad for your skin and long-term health, as many researchers have found. In this light, many women (and yes, even men) have started looking for alternative ways to care for skin, but ways that should be very effective, without allowing harmful chemicals to get into our bodily systems. Chemicals and synthetic substances may produce desired results in the short term, but may be dangerous and harmful in the long-term. Many studies were made to look into highly effective and environmentally friendly plant-based and fruit-based products. And, not surprisingly, natural products are even more effective than their synthetic and more expensive counterparts. One of the most popular and much lauded ones is coconut oil (unrefined or virgin), which has been part of beauty regimen of many women in most tropical countries where coconuts thrive, for many generations. The following are 7 most common uses of coconut oil or cream for skin care:


Daily accumulation of dirt, grime, dust, germs and clumps of make-up tend to cling to your face, making your face susceptible to acne and other skin blemishes. This would also make your skin dry up and become rough and blemished over time. One of the most important keys to maintaining beautiful and supple skin is cleansing. In fact, before you do anything else, cleansing must be done first. A well moisturized skin is pointless if the skin is blemished. There are countless of skin and facial cleansers in the market and each and every one claim to be the best. Some may be true to their claim, but most are just a concoction of harsh and harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Products that contain too much synthetics and chemicals are very hard to trust, mainly because you do not really know what they are and what they can do to your skin. In most cases, how can you know when you cannot even read or pronounce these ingredients? When you are in doubt, these niggling thoughts would always come up whenever you apply these products on your face and body. These skin care products and cosmetics use natural plant-based ingredients like coconut oil or coconut milk because these beneficial ingredients are crucial components to real skin care. However, the difference between natural, unadulterated products, and these mass produced “skin care” products are the synthetic and chemical ingredients that the big brands and companies include, in order to cut cost and have products that have longer shelf life. These factors contribute to their bigger profit margins. Hence, the harmful effects are passed on to the consumers. Coconut soaps and cleansers that are natural and made with organic ingredients are so good for the skin, that they cannot even be compared to their big brand counterparts. When a coconut product is truly natural, you can be rest assured that your skin would be soaking up the wonders and benefits that nature has to offer. Can you imagine worry-free skin care? It would be wonderful, right? The choice is yours.


Coconut oil is also great when combined with other essential oils or plant-based and natural grainy substances like coffee grains and other dried scrubby plants. The goodness of coconut oil when combined with the goodness of coffee creates one hell of a skin scrub. Take coconut oil and coffee grains. These power combo is perfect for scrubbing off dead skin cells that creates the flaky, dry look on your face and body. Also, a wonderful combination is coconut oil and moringa leaves. If you have not yet heard of moringa, then you are missing out. This is a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutritional benefits, like vitamins and minerals. Imagine the resulting benefits of these combined nutritional sources! Human skin regularly regenerates new skin cells and when this regeneration happens, it pushes up and sloughs off useless and dull, dead skin. However, millions of dead skin cells do not normally fall off from the skin and clings there, leaving a very dull, dry and flaky appearance to your skin. When you regularly use body scrubs or exfoliants, you essentially help your skin to get rid of excess dead skin cells and allows new and plump skin to rise to the surface, without the hindrance and combined look of patchy dry skin.

It is best to exfoliate or use skin scrub at least twice a week.


If you do not commonly use oil on your face or is not very familiar with coconut oil, applying coconut oil in the morning, under your make-up, may freak you out. After all, looking fresh with “matte” finish is the aim for putting on make-up before you head out the door. However, coconut oil is soaked up by the skin so quickly that you only need about 1-2 minutes before you can put on make-up. The speed by which it gets absorbed by the skin, as well as, how non-greasy will amaze you. The health benefit to your skin would be tremendous and the moisture content in your skin would be wonderful against the drying effect of most make ups.

It contains potent antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties due to its high medium chain fatty acids lauric acid and caprylic acid, so that breaking out should not be a problem. However, no matter how natural and wonderful coconut oil may be for moisturizing skin and treating acne, reactions to any type of skin product is still triggered by individual skin types and sensitivities. Hence, it is always a good thing to apply caution by using it on a small part of your face or skin first, before using it.

Steps to Use Coconut Oil in the Morning and Under Make-up:

Cleanse face from previous night’s applied skin care product. Use natural soap (bar or liquid).

1) Apply toner. Preferably the kind without alcohol content, as this dries up the skin;

2) Apply natural coconut oil product, as moisturizer.

3) Apply sunscreen, optional.

4) Apply make-up or powder, as desired. You will be surprised as to how non-greasy it is once it is absorbed by your skin!


Bliss. Heavenly. Wonderful. These are just few of the many adjectives you could not help but think of when using coconut oil as moisturizer at night-time. Not only is it a good antioxidant, it is also an effective anti-aging measure.

These are few of the main benefits of coconut oil on your skin -
Deeply Moisturizing
Deeply Hydrating

All of these benefits alone are enough to cover your entire skincare needs. If you are to analyze your skincare needs seriously, what do you really need and want for your skin?

Truth is - You want your skin to look Smooth, Soft and Plump, with No Wrinkles and Fine Lines (or as less as possible) because you want to look good and young for your age.

That's it! It sums it up quite nicely, if we want to really be true to ourselves.

So what do you need to achieve all these? You need a skin care product that would pump your skin with hydration and moisture and keep them locked in because when your skin is pumped with moisture, skin is plump and robust “filling” up creases and lines which results to less wrinkled SKIN that is naturally BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY! Wonderfully hydrating super-food for the skin, much less visible lines and wrinkles. Coconut oil is good for that.

Due to coconut oil being antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal, people swear by its ability to treat acne and other skin blemishes, and to soothe and protect skin.

Its antioxidant properties are nothing to be scoffed at, too, as they fights free radicals in your body. What are free radicals and why should you care? Before I bore you with long scientific explanation, let us put free radicals simply as, bad particles in the body that causes aging and cancer among others. Free radicals are charged oxygenated chemical particles that enter our body and join forces with organic substances in our body, like proteins. They bond together but not in a good way because once joined, they destroy good cells in our body. For better understanding of how oxidation works, notice how apples, avocados or bananas darken or produce browning when left in open air? This is a good analogy of what free radicals can do to your body. However, like everything else in life, when there are bad things, there are also good things that effectively fights the bad. And that is when healthy and nutrition packed plant- and fruit-based products, come in. Free radicals produces skin aging and cancer, among a lot of things.

Since coconut oil is “anti” bad things (antibacterial, antioxidant, etc.), you get the perfect skin care the HEALTHY way! Absolutely no worrying about chemicals and synthetic ingredients that may be harmful and threatening to your health in the long term. If you are honest to yourself, the ingredients you read on your skincare product packaging that you cannot even pronounce or understand, bother you so much and they are always in your thoughts whenever you use them. Unconsciously, these thoughts add to you stress and discomfort.

Imagine, using natural coconut oil product on your skin as moisturizer every night, given all the health benefits.

Steps to Use Coconut Oil Before Bedtime

1.) Cleanse face from day long accumulation of dirt, germs and skin products. Use a natural face cleanser (bar or liquid). Rinse with warm water and pat (not rub!) skin dry.

2.) Apply toner, preferably non-alcohol

3.) Apply natural coconut oil product on your face, neck and chest area. Taking a minute to massage your skin for added circulation.

Really, that is all you need!


Coconut oil contains sun protection factor that ranges from SPF 4 – 8. Hence, it provides additional protection benefit against harsh ultraviolet rays. It has natural properties that act as natural SPF that will protect your skin from the sun and immense moisturizing properties that will keep your skin supple and moist. This is the coconut oil’s wonder. Did I mention that it is natural? Yes, no chemicals to worry about seeping into your body! That is, if you stay with the natural products kind. Coconut oil also has an excellent tanning accelerator as it boosts and accelerate the tanning process, while protecting your skin from sunburn. More importantly, it greatly reduces the need to stay longer in the sun just to achieve a tan.


Do you ever wonder what happens to your skin when you take a bath or A shower? Except for the obvious reason why you bath or shower every day, which is to get clean after a day’s worth of accumulation of dirt and oils on your skin, chances are, you do not give it a second's thought what else happens. Truth is, while water washes away dirt and germs, it also washes away natural oils in your skin that are very precious in keeping skin supple and smooth. It is obviously important for you to bath / shower daily for hygienic purposes. Hence, it is a given that you would lose natural body oils every day so the best you can do is to replenish the oils that were lost during the cleaning process. It is best to apply back lost oil onto skin within three minutes of washing, while the skin is still damp, in order to moisturize.

Considering the benefits of coconut oil, and it’s wonderful smell, it is a smart and beautiful move to replenish lost oils with the best oil that nature has to offer - coconut oil!

Steps to Use Coconut Oil As After-bath Hydration

1.) Do not spend more time in the bath than necessary, the longer you stay, the more natural oils you lose and the dryer your skin would feel.

2.) Use natural coconut oil product.

3.) Put on coconut oil while skin is still damp.

4.) Your towel is not a scrub. Pat your skin dry, don’t scrub


Exercising or doing anything physically strenuous allows our body to sweat profusely, and during this process, oils and moisture evaporate and dry up along with sweat. Adding shower time with moisture loss during exercise, result in dehydrated skin. As in any case, dehydration would cause your skin to assume a dull and dry appearance, not to mention the feeling of tightness that comes along with dry skin. Apart from re-hydrating with drinks of water, it is best to boost skin’s moisture with coconut oil to let your skin re-gain plumpness and smoothness. Coconut oil also helps skin to lock in moisture to let it stay supple for longer periods.

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