Coconut Oil For Skin and Hollywood Demanding Divas – What Do they Have in Common?


Coconut Oil For Skin and Hollywood Demanding Divas – What Do they Have in Common?

Diva demands. Now, who do you think of when you hear these two words?

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Kanye West (Yes, diva attitude is not exclusive to women), Mary J Blige, Katy Perry, and the list goes on.

These celebrities’ demands may be understandable or just plain insane to ordinary humans like us! But hey, they are famous and if you want to be entertained by them, you just got to oblige.  Well, you have to hand it to them, they did reach their diva stature for “valid” reasons, at least for some – talent, controversies and clever marketing exposures (give or take any one of those reasons)! So, if only for that, they do “deserve” this kind of attention and kowtowing.

But what do the these Hollywood genuine and pseudo-superstars have to do with coconut oil? Because coconut oil is Queen! If there is any oil which can rightfully claim to being the queen, it would have to be coconut oil. And not just because it is at the top of nature’s game in having such awesome nutritional benefits.  It is not without its downside.  Yes, it does have one “behavior” that people might see as a negative. But depending on how you use or prefer face care, it may still turn out to be a “cool trait.”  Wait, like the controversial divas that you follow no matter how you ” hate” them, you have to read through till the end because you might miss something! I will explain why.

The Queen of Oils – Coconut Oil as Face Cream

Well, of all the oils that I know, coconut oil is the only one that has obvious special demand and you have to do what is “required” before you can use it, but again, it may be a matter of opinion. If coconut oil is in a state where it is out of its “preferred” environment, it will solidify to a solid creamy consistency. You can definitely use it in its “diva” state (when it is creamy solid), and apply as you would normally use face creams, but you would be missing its golden oily glory. It is because the temperature must be just perfectly warm-ish.  Yes, you read it right.  Temperature need to be warm enough, just like Mariah Carey who sleeps with 20 humidifiers in her bedroom to replicate tropical-like rainforest conditions.  Anything lower than 76 degrees F (24 C) degrees and it “closes” up into solid, cream-like consistency. Like any diva who stomps and pouts and demands, this Queen of Oils have to be warmed up so it could flow back into its rich oiliness.  Coolness just would not cut it, this one needs heat and passion!  Give me warmth, or else!

Coconut oil has a high melting point of 76 degrees F (24 C), which means that if the weather (or room) cools down below its desired temperature, forget it, it will get into its pouty mood and harden into a creamy consistency. So you might say, darn, I will not get sucked into its “crazy” demands! It’s not worth the hassle, there are so many oils and creams out there!  But wait! Are there, really, better oils out there? If you actually take a pause to know what it can do for your skin and your health, in general, you would surely reconsider.  Nothing comes close to coconut oil. It is simply one of nature’s masterpieces when it comes to skin and overall body health and nutrition.


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Coconut Oil and Hollywood Divas – Love Them or Leave Them?

It might be a big wonder why producers continue to bow and nod and say yes to demands from your favorite demanding Hollywood divas.  Why? Because at the end of the day, these talented divas deliver and bring in the crowd, which brings in money.  Yes, they deliver! And so will coconut oil, if you want beautiful skin.

You see, where –

Mariah Carey insists (and gets) a minimum of 11 bodyguards to surround her when eating in restaurants, so that people won’t see her eating; or,

Kanye West who demands that anyone who drives him should be as stylish as him in that they cannot wear man-made fibers; or,

Katy Perry whose seemingly friendly nature does not extend to the people who drives her around.  She allegedly forbids drivers to speak to her and look at her from the rear view mirror!

Jennifer Lopez who, according to industry reports, demands that her dressing room, and everything in it, be completely white.

The Queen of Oils – coconut oil, only wants one thing. Warmth. Literal warmth, as in at least 76 degrees F (24 C) warm. Any lower than that and she stomps and pouts and harden!  Not the kind that would make it unusable, but just the kind of solid that would make you miss the lovely, silky flow of coconut oil.  Coconut oil’s high melting point can be a source of versatility. Instead, of spending a short time warming it up to melt into oil, you may choose to just scoop up a small portion to apply.  The effect is nearly the same because the moment a solidified coconut oil hits your face, it turns into oil and would glide on your face, just like how it would glide had you applied it as oil.

Fortunately, the form that coconut oil takes – whether in oil or solid – does not affect its effectiveness or presence of its nutrition and benefits.  One would probably wonder whether it is worth dealing with coconut oil’s diva-like “moods” well, this would be a very small price to pay for natural and healthy beautiful skin.  And legions of coconut oil believers and aficionados swear by it! After all, we actually tolerate, and most times, embrace the eccentricities of our favorite demanding divas, no matter how much inconvenience they sometimes give us, because in the end, when they have proven themselves enough, we know they are worth it.

And hordes of coconut oil users, lovers, fans, aficionados, there are so many ways to call them but one thing is for sure. They have experienced the wonderful benefits and effectiveness of coconut oil over so many skin care products in the market. Genuine beauty takes time because nature takes its own course. Coconut oil when used in the beginning gives an almost instant satisfaction and gives proof of its effectiveness. But its true effects are achieved over time (few weeks onward) when you actually feel and see your skin grow plump and glow, like a butterfly blossoming out of its cocoon. The kind of skin you would always be proud to have.


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