The Quickest and Easiest Way to a Wrinkled and Shriveled Look. Are You on This Path?


The Quickest and Easiest Way to a Wrinkled and Shriveled Look. Are You on This Path?

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Every person has a different take on aging, but if we are to be honest with ourselves, one of the main parts of aging we are concerned about is the way we would look five, ten, or twenty years from now. Some people age gracefully and successfully and seem able to retard, or slow down, physical manifestations of aging without resorting to cosmetic surgery. Some do accept the fact that they need help holding on to their youthful appearance by embracing the instant benefits of invasive science. Unfortunately, many people succumb to aging and have the matching appearance to show for it. They either do not care and think of wrinkles and dried up appearance as inevitable part of aging, or they do not have the willingness and resources to spend time, effort and money on aging successfully.


In today’s availability of information and resources, there really is no reason for people of any gender to not be able to keep their skin and appearance youthful and radiant for longer, even during more mature years.


Beautiful Skin Needs Patience. No room for Instant!


Among many countries in the world, Japan is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, engrossed with beautiful skin and rightly so because Japanese people are known for their beautiful skin. In general, Asians are regarded as youthful looking and would generally appear younger in appearance against their Western counterpart, of similar age. One of the factors that contribute to this youthful appearance is the general health of their skin. Asians put so much emphasis on skincare and would go to painstaking length to care for it and they are generally not averse to spending on quality skincare. It is also an advantage to have easier and closer access to herbs and natural resources that grow abundantly in tropical climates, and because of this, Asians have gained more respect and realistic expectations. They are aware that skincare is long term commitment, one that produces beautiful result over a period of time. Instant results only come from formulations that are rich in chemicals and artificial ingredients, like instant noodles! In maintaining beautiful and young-looking skin as long as humanly and biologically possible, there seem to be two prevailing mindset — get quick results now and pay with blemished, dry and wrinkled skin later. Or, embrace natural and organic skincare patiently, and reap the wonderful results for a much longer period of time, even into more mature years.


In a recent completed study in Japan (10-Year Longitudinal Study on Facial Skin Aging), a group of women were monitored over a period of 10 years to study facial skin aging paying particular attention on development of wrinkles, texture, hyperpigmented spots, radiance and firmness. These women were tracked over an 11-year period and their skin conditions taken and measured over 5 parameters – wrinkles, texture, spots firmness and radiance. Comparisons were made between successful and unsuccessful aging, by different age groups, based on these 5 parameters. Scientists have concluded that the key parameter for successful aging is skin hydration. This seemingly benign and often overlooked skincare routine is actually the key to keeping our skin supple, moist and smooth for a longer period of time. Hence, not giving enough attention and effort on ways that would pump hydration into our skin and keeping it moist is a bad idea!


Cleansing is Hydration’s Best Buddy


Would you polish and shine a well loved, but broken furniture? I know. You will fix it first, right? Same with your skin. How would you focus on boosting hydration and moisturization of a facial skin that is spotted with blemishes? Of course, you still have to hydrate no matter, but, you will not get the much wanted result that you are doing the effort for! You want to get a supple, smooth, plump and flawless skin as a result of your parience and effort to hydrate and moisturize. However, it is a no-brainer that cleansing your face properly, and with the right product, has to come first and foremost. Cleansing gets our skin ready for further tender loving care. A skin that is thoroughly cleansed regularly would give you an excellent chance to get blemishes caused by clogged pores, off your face.


It only makes sense to use products that are organic and naturally processed in cleansing your face and body. Naturally, soaps that are made of organic superfoods (like organic virgin coconut oil) and are free from synthetic and artificial ingredients prepare your skin by throughly cleansing it, while boosting nutrients into your skin, protecting it from eczema and acne causing germs. As a result, you get a thoroughly cleansed and healthy skin that is plump and ready for hydrating and moisturizing.


Skin is a Thirsty Thing


Given the many factors that affect our facial skin’s moisture maintenance, like pollution, make-up, dry climate, including exposure to too much air-conditioned environment, we cannot rely on morning and evening moisturization alone. We would need to boost hydration into our facial skin, as well as body, if we really want to properly hydrate our skin. All the more reason to hydrate during daytime is that our skin is put into so much stress and exposure to factors that are conducive to dryness and de-hydration (make-up, exposure to sunlight, pollution, emotional and physical stress and dry climate and air-conditioned environment) during this period.


Boosting your skin’s moisture during the day and making it part of your daily routine would work wonderfully towards your skin’s health overtime. Have the patience, effort and sensibility to care for your skin really well and include hydration as part of your skincare routine, and when you reach the ripe and mature age of fifty or sixty years old, you would be the person with a happy smile, looking twenty years younger. On the flip side, people with the get results quick mentality in skincare, who resort to using products that are rich in chemicals, artificial and synthetic ingredients, may be the ones looking their age, or older!


Which one would you rather be?

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