Are You A Tanning Fail? Or A Tanning Winner?


Are You A Tanning Fail or Winner? This Will Make You Re-Think Your Old Tanning Strategy.

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It is safe to say that a tanned skin is very popular with fair-skinned people and is sought after especially during summer or warm weather, best time to display a well-tanned skin! An even, golden brown glow is not an easy feat to achieve and many people can attest that it could get difficult. You can lay in the sun, spend hours of unhealthy sun exposure, and still end up with patches of angry red blotch and nowhere near a tan.

What many people fail to consider is that tanning should be an all year long habit. Granted, you only get to enjoy sunny weather a few months each year and even less for countries with cold climates. Lucky for those in tropical countries where every day is pretty much the same – sun drenched! Except for monsoon season, there is such abundance of sunshine. Natives of these countries do not even have to try because they are naturally golden brown. However, for countries on other parts of the planet where the sun is not as ubiquitous, where sun only shines for a few hours a day, if at all, and summer is not really as long and as magnificent as in tropical countries, tanning should be a year-long habit. Where every bit of outdoor activity or chore is maximized to the fullest (except during winter when you would be obviously covered up) so that when summertime comes, you actually have an even, beautiful and natural tan to display. If you do this, you do not have to spend the entire summer just working on your tan.

Tanning Strategy
Summer-time tanning “strategy” is actually very dangerous and unhealthy.
Because you naturally want to speed up the tanning process to have a “decent” tan to show off while you still can, you would tend to spend unnecessarily long time under the sun. As a result, you will burn your skin from the sun and you will carelessly expose yourself to cancer causing UV rays. Unfortunately, not even this could guarantee a tanned skin.

At the end of the day, you want an even, natural looking, golden brown glow. Not patches-of-burnt-brown-and-angry-red-in-certain-parts kind of tan. When you tan, you have to tan safe, but tan sure. To do this, you need help

In most parts of the world, the sun always rises. I am not getting philosophical, but I am merely stating a fact. No matter how fierce the sun shines in your part of the world, or no matter how long it graces the skies with its presence, it does rise and when it does, you will have a chance to bask and get a little bit of tan. Done regularly, you will get the most natural and even looking tan you can ever get. The best thing about it is that you would not have to subject yourself to cancer-causing ultraviolet rays, by spending reckless looong hours under the sun. There is a way and it is the best, do it every day by maximising your chances of getting a tan during the times that you are under the sun – when you are outside gardening in the backyard, when you are taking a walk, when you are on your way to work, rushing to the supermarket – every minute outside is a chance to tan. If you simply do not spend as much time in the sun, just spend at least 15 to 30 minutes to sun bathe. Done regularly, this very minimal amount of time under the sun would be enough to activate the melanin production in your skin, resulting in even, golden brown glow.

Slow But Sure
“But I don’t have patience for that!” I am sure you are telling yourself.

Fair enough, but is there any other way that would surely give you a long-lasting, beautifully even and natural tan, without subjecting yourself to long hours of sun baking under the harsh sun? Just lying there, waiting and hoping for good ‘ol sunshine to be nice.

Sometimes, the best way is to be slow but sure.

We all love a shortcut process. The shorter, the better. However, shortcut does not always produce the most desired result.

Imagine a beautifully tanned skin that is truly and naturally, yours. Like so many places and attractions that nature has cultivated over time, a golden brown glow that you have cultivated over a few weeks – would give you the most beautiful glow come summertime when you can display it in all its glory.

NO – angry red blotches; orange-tinged tan; worrying about your tanning lotion/cream staining your clothes; dry and flaky skin; chemicals and artificial ingredients; high risk of skin cancer; leathery and thick skin from prolonged exposure, to name a few

YES – natural, even and beautiful golden brown tan that is part of your body. The no worries type of tan.

In order for this tanning strategy to be totally effective and safe, you need a little bit of help from natural tanning oil to help and accelerate the process. After all, the aim is to spend as minimal time in the sun to avoid its side-effects. And to do it safe by having the oil to protect your skin from UV rays.

By far, coconut oil is the best and safest tanning oil. It is not used, for many centuries, by people in warm / hot countries to protect and soothe their skin, for no reason. Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids like Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid, Lauric Acid, as well as, Vitamin-E. Due to this components, it provides excellent protection to the skin while it is exposed to the sun which makes it susceptible to infections. Naturally, you will lose a lot of moisture when you sunbathe under scorching sun which would result in dry, flaky and cracked skin, coconut oil keeps moisture in the skin by forming a layer of protection. Without protection, this kind of intense exposure would lead to leathery, thick skin, in the long term.

Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin, hence, activating the melanin quicker and producing tanned skin with short exposure time. It even mimics tanned look even without sun exposure.

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Is Coconut Oil the Best Tanning Oil?
The best form of coconut oil for tanning (and for many other purposes) is virgin coconut oil. It can be an excellent tanning oil used on its own or can be blended with other types of oil or natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, green tea and a variety of essential oils, herbal and fruit extracts. Other forms of superfood are also blended to virgin coconut oil, such as coffee beans and cacao to further enhance its effectiveness and nutritional benefits.

Coconut oil naturally contains sun protection that ranges from SPF 4 to 8. It is low in SPF but is sufficient for 15 – 30 minutes dedicated sun exposure. It is high enough to protect but low enough to allow uvb rays which is a source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential bone health and in helping to prevent many diseases, including cancer, high blood pressure, rickets, osteomalacia, and painful and weak muscles. Hence, regular application when out in the sun is recommended.

It has a long shelf life. It also has a high melting point (76 degrees fahrenheit) and solidifies when in a cold temperature and liquefies when in a warm temperature. However, it does not matter how often it transitions, it does not affect its effectiveness. So when you tan, do you achieve that angry, red glow? Fail not! If you want beautiful, even and healthy looking golden brown tan, look no further, coconut tanning oil is for you.

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