The Ugly Truth About Things ‘Quick & Easy’

A lot of people want instant results from everything. Instant success, instant wealth, instant beauty, instant noodles, Instant blog_minithe list of instant desirables is endless! In so many things, I wanted instant too! After all, who would want to spend so much time waiting when patience is not everyone’s virtue? But do you realize the main components of things that are ‘quick and easy’?



– They are temporary

– They are generally bad for you

– They are cloaked in sinister stuff like chemicals and synthetic ingredients to hasten speed.

– The synthetic ingredients and chemicals that make up the product are not good for you and the environment.

– They give instant gratification, but may result in long term despair.

So many people are suckered in with advertisements like:

Lose 10 kilos in 1 week!

Erase wrinkles instantly!

Look 10 Years Younger in 7 days!

Get Rich Quick While You Sleep!

Cooks in 2 Minutes!

Take a pause and let these statements and claims resonate in your head. Let them bounce inside your mind and imagine hearing them being said over and over.  Then let yourself truthfully say to yourself what you REALLY think about these statements. Do you believe any of it?  Notice something, they sound shallow and false don’t they? Of course they do, because they are!

In many things, with exception of a few, instant is artificial pretending to be real.

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Patience is a virtue, as the saying goes.  Absolutely! But if you are able to muster the virtue of patience, well, the benefits, as you may know, are wonderful, long-lasting, and real.

I have nothing against cosmetic surgery, in fact, it could offer relief and solution to many physical issues that prove to be detrimental to a person’s well-being, confidence and ability to lead a happy life. However, I do believe, it should not be taken lightly and be the first option to make one’s self look young and beautiful.  It may offer instant gratification, but it usually does not last.  Notice how you instantly know when a person has had something “done”? Yes, because what was “done” usually does not look natural or real, especially overtime!

There are more natural ways of keeping yourself young looking and vibrant – exercise, proper diet and use of natural products.  Yes, they may not issue instant results, but you do not have to wait for very long and you will witness transformation which would make the little bit of wait, worthwhile.  Essentially, it really is a personal choice to go natural or ‘instant’.  If we start and remain consistent about treating our skin and body well (as it should be!), it will reward you with beautiful skin that would last longer and appear invitingly beautiful.

Nowadays, with the profusion of many things ‘instant’ and countless choices available, it is a choice and a crusade to prefer and use natural products and embrace natural beauty.  It is refreshing, healthy, beautiful and more gratifying.

It is a choice. Your choice.

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