How Exfoliation Can Make You Look Younger

When you see someone with a beautifully smooth even complexion, do you wish your skin could look like theirs? More than likely, that person exfoliates on a regular basis.

Exfoliation is often overlooked as part of a skin care regiment because most people just don’t think about it or realize that it’s a necessary part of caring for their skin. When we don’t understand why something is important, of course we don’t take advantage of it.

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from our skin. This is a natural process, but as we age the turnover time slows down more and more.

To speed things up a bit, we can exfoliate these dead cells away ourselves.

There are different options for achieving this, some are safer than others and can be done in the privacy of your home. There are more aggressive ways to exfoliate skin that must be performed by a doctor. These are sometimes pricey. They can be painful and there might be recovery time for some of them.

There are 2 types of exfoliation; mechanical and chemical.

  • Mechanical exfoliation, sometimes called physical exfoliation, includes anything that physically removes dead cells from skin. This could include exfoliating body scrubs, exfoliating facial scrubs, facial and/or body brushes, sponges or any number of similar devices on the market claiming to exfoliate. Microaggression is a mechanical form of exfoliation. It should be done by an aestheticism. Even though you can purchase home units for microdermabrasion, it’s best to have a professional do it. If you’re not careful, you could scar your skin. Microdermabrasion uses crystals or an abrasive tip to scrape off dead cells, then a vacuum sucks them off the skin. It can be adjusted for different skin types and sensitivities.
  • Chemical exfoliation should be performed by a licensed esthetician or a doctor. Chemical peels use AHA acids made from milk or certain fruits to loosen the bond holding the dead cells in place. This causes your face to flake and peel, getting rid of the dead skin. Chemical peels are made in different percentages, depending on the depth of the peel. Some are quite gentle, while others must be done under anesthesia. There would be some down time for a peel this strong.

Why Should we Exfoliate?

There are benefits to shedding that dull dead skin from our bodies. Beneath those cells are fresh new ones waiting to be revealed.

Use of an exfoliating scrub 2-3 times a week at home is usually sufficient to get the results you need. The easiest time to do this is at night, after your shower or facial cleanse. Gently massage an exfoliating facial scrub onto your face for about 2 minutes, rinse and follow up with the rest of your nightly skin care regimen.

Keeping up with this will ensure that you always have new skin cells on the surface and that your skin is always bright and smooth.

After you have been on this routine for a while, if you miss an exfoliation session, you will be able to feel it.

You will notice your skin is feeling rough because you are overdue to exfoliate. The glow you had right after exfoliating will be gone and your skin will start to look dull. It’s important to be gentle when exfoliating your face.

Only use an exfoliating scrub specifically for the face. Skin is delicate, especially facial skin and can be damaged easily from too much exfoliating.

Benefits of Exfoliation:

  • Smooth soft skin
  • Makeup will go on smoother
  • Reduction in breakouts for acne prone skin
  • Less noticeable pores
  • More even skin tone
  • Less hyperpigmentation issues
  • Less wrinkles

All types of skin will benefit from regular exfoliation.

  • Flaky dry skin will look renewed and moist after the dead skin that is dried up on the surface is removed.
  • Acne prone skin will have fewer breakouts. Oil, dirt and dead skin cells accumulate in pores, clogging them and causing acne problems. Removing the dead cells prevents some of this.
  • Oily skin and combination skin will feel more balanced after exfoliation.

What Products Should You Use to Exfoliate?

There are a huge variety of products on the market for exfoliation. Beauty products with natural ingredients are the best to use on your skin. Skin care products that contain a lot of chemical preservatives can be harmful to your body and the environment.

Fragrances in beauty products are often the cause of allergic reactions. Using organic products with natural ingredients are much safer and just as effective.Exfoliating scrubs are basically made by mixing cleanser or some other base with tiny particles of exfoliating ingredients.

Your exfoliating body or facial scrub should moisturize as well as exfoliate. Coconut oil is an excellent ingredient for your skin and makes the perfect base for a moisturizing facial scrub.

Green Tea Oil is another ingredient that is great in anti-aging skin care and beauty products. It has soothing and moisturizing properties that are needed for healthy skin. Added particles to do the actual exfoliating could include any of the following natural ingredients.

  • Tiny ground nut particles
  • Sugar
  • Salt (ok for the body but too abrasive for the face)
  • Coffee grounds
  • Baking soda
  • Oatmeal

Remember, the younger you begin to care for your skin, the longer you will have younger looking skin. People that learn to care for their skin properly at a young age will have less issues with their skin over time.

It’s also easier to stick with a routine that you’re to, so starting a skin care routine early just makes good sense. If you’re older and it’s time for anti-aging skin care, you can find great quality products for some amazing results.

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